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In December 2015 the Dove Charitable Trust changed it's funding process.

1. Applying

The Dove Trust deliberately keeps it's application process simple, so that costs to you, and us, are minimised.
Write a letter outlining your request and mail or email it to us, with your latest set of audited accounts. If no such accounts are available, please give an explanation.


No upper or lower limit is set. Simply apply for the amount you need.

Other Applications

If you are applying for similar funding from other sources, please advise.

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2. Send us your application

Send your letter and accounts to:



Dove Charitable Trust
PO Box 33 166
Christchurch 8024

3. Frequency of Funding meetings

Ordinarily, 4 funding meetings will be held each year, in approximately the middle of:
The close-off for applications is the last day of the month prior to the meeting.

4. Frequency of Application

Applications may only be submitted once every 12 months.

5. Responses

The Dove Trust will acknowlege your application within 7 days of receiving it. If you don't hear from us, please ring, text or email.

Following the consideration of your application at the next funding meeting, a letter or email will be sent to you advisin
g of the amount granted, or that your application has been declined.

Please note that the Trustees will not offer explanations as to the reasons for any acceptance/rejection of applications.

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